The sky’s the limit for happy-go-lucky OB

In my 2016 pet recap earlier this year, I officially declared my commitment to a beagle-positive outlook for 2017. I also mentioned Archer, the bashful Italian Greyhound with Happy Tails Rescue. At the time, he was still looking for a home. Now, I’ve got some positive news! He’s been adopted and has a new pesky […]

Stella finds her Marlon Brando at Sheba’s Haven

Meet Stella. The approximately 11-year-old fuzzy-faced Pomeranian photo-bombing this page with her explosive cuteness was indeed named after the Tennessee Williams’ character. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end. There are no streetcars named Desire in this tale and no Marlon Brando bellowing for Stella to come home either. But we do have our […]

Kisses from Algernon

We named the guy in the body bandage “Algernon”. Those more cultured than myself might have assumed we named him after the classic novel “Flowers for Algernon”. But I do most of the dog-naming for our little beagle repair shop and, being a product of the ‘80s, I was thinking more about former manager of […]

Meet Archer, the discerning Greyhound

Archer may share his name with “the world’s most dangerous spy” from that naughty animated series on FX, but that’s where the similarities end. He’d be more of a gentlemen’s spy – if he were a spy at all – a “007” type. (He likes his water poured, not stirred.) I’m also guessing he’d much […]

The tale of a working Angel

Angel has a cool summer job. Until the long-term career plan takes off, she’s the official ‘Welcome Ambassador’ for Tails Up Pet Food in beautiful Port Hope. Being the over-achiever that she is – blame it on her youth – one-year-old Angel insists on doing more than just waving a friendly paw when customers come […]

Meet the official beagle walkathon wiggler

Don’t tell anyone, but before I started my little beagle rescue, I had a habit of mixing up beagles with basset hounds. I know the difference now. While they might both resemble cartoon characters, beagles are less exaggerated. No offence to basset hounds of course, but the body parts of your average beagle are in […]

A furry story of revival

This is a revival story. It seems fitting for the time of year, even if the carelessly optimistic flower buds in my garden were covered by an inch of April snow when I sat down to write this article. Hopefully by the time you read this story, my tulips will have recovered from the shock […]

Pint-sized Chip has personality to spare

This isn’t my first crush on a dog sporting an underbite. Back in my volunteer dog-walking days at the Toronto Humane Society, I fell hard for a boxer named Brady. That bottom jaw jutted out worse than Private Bubba’s in Forrest Gump. It only added to his charm, but before I could make the conversion […]