How to go meatless without sacrificing protein

If you have thought about reducing your consumption of meat or even possibly adapting to a vegetarian lifestyle, apparently you are not alone. According to a 2015 study commissioned by the BC Humane Society, eight per cent of Canadians polled identified as vegetarian and a further 23 per cent were trying to eat less meat. […]

Give a little love to your liver

Spring has arrived, ushering in longer days, warmer temperatures and a sense of renewal and optimism. For many, this change of season also brings with it a desire to make a fresh start in our health and well-being for the year ahead. There is no better place to begin to refresh your body than by […]

Lentils lead the way to good health

As we begin our journey into the New Year many of us start to contemplate changing the foods we eat with the hopes of improving our quality of life. Yet, often conflicting dietary information can make it difficult to decide where to begin and what modifications to make on that road to good health. However, […]

What’s the difference in carbohydrates?

Often when people talk about carbohydrates the obvious choices come to mind such as bread, cereals and pasta. However, there are a few different types of carbohydrates available in our foods – and they are not created equally. In fact, the variety and quantity of carbohydrates that we consume can have an impact on our […]

Nut allergy? Try seeds

The summer is over. And while our children are begrudgingly heading back to school, many of us begin the tedious chore of packing them nutritious, tasty and nut-free lunches and snacks. In years past, the simple and yet satisfying classic peanut butter sandwich might have been a welcomed staple in our lunchboxes. But times have […]

Fatigue? Headaches? Check your magnesium levels

Muscle cramping, fatigue, headaches, anxiety or depression: if any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, it may be more than just good old aging – it is possible that you are deficient in magnesium. And you would not be alone as many Canadians are unaware that they are not getting the required daily dosage […]

2016 is the year of the pulses

It’s about time – and long overdue – but finally, after years of being overlooked, the small but mighty beans that we often refer to as pulses have been spotlighted for their amazing nutritional attributes. What is most impressive is that these dried seeds from the legume family, including chickpeas, lentils, dried beans and peas, […]

Any time is tea time

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner, bringing with it darker days and frosty nights. Whether being lured to the slopes and rinks or just bunkering down and tolerating the cold, one of the best ways to embrace the upcoming season and to warm up after a long day of winter is […]