A look at the laws of Christmas

Do you remember “The Law of Toyland”? It was an advertising campaign from many, many years ago by the then shopping retailer, Zellers. If you remember Zellers then you remember the days when the Christmas season did not really begin until officiated by the Eaton’s Santa Claus Parade every November. And if you remember Eaton’s, […]

Don’t leave this world intestate

Howard Hughes, the eccentric aviator, film producer and billionaire, died on April 5, 1976 without leaving a will. It took 34 years for his estate to be settled, finally winding up around 2010. One scrawled will that surfaced early was declared to be a forgery. The famous and reclusive Mr. Hughes died without a will, […]

Landlord and tenant protections

Perhaps you read about a local residential landlord who was shorted thousands of dollars in rent. It turns out that his two tenants were on their fifth rental property since 2010. Each rental ended with debts owing. A false reference had helped secure one tenancy. In another Beach landlord-tenant dispute, a Beach landlord was fined […]