Pet Of The Month: Celebrating Norman the beagle

By MARNA GALE This is Norman. He was a collaborative effort. Two dog rescue groups raising him up so he can stand on mountains! All that up-raising (including cutie pie posts on Instagram!) has resulted in an impressive fan club, a wardrobe to die for, and too many toys to mention…even if he doesn’t quite […]

Princess the cat needs a home ASAP

“My name is Princess. I may not have a brightly coloured coat but there’s nothing more classic than black! And I may be a few hairballs older than a kitten, but I still have my moments of madness and mischief! Most importantly, I’m not too old for love! I can prove it if you let […]

This is the story of Alice in Wonderland…the rescue dog version

Peer through the looking glass and you’ll see the similarities between the real Alice in Wonderland and the adorable 10-month-old Husky mix pictured here. They share much the same “muchness”! They’re both brimming with curiosity, adventure and wild imagination. Such qualities are highly valued by any self-respecting storybook character determined to win your affections and […]

Pet of the Month: A Mac made in heaven

It’s hard to believe only a month ago, one might have mistaken Little Mac, aka Mr. Velvet, for a baby elephant. The roughly 10-year-old beagle was practically fur-less from the waist down, the result of a severe yeast and bacterial infection combined with a thyroid condition left untreated for years. These immune disorders also resulted […]

Beagle buddies remind us of what’s important

They say we’re connected now more than ever, thanks to the technological explosion of our times. There are so many ways to “connect” online, whether it’s with your next door neighbour or someone clear across the ocean. I still think the world needs more porch swings. Although, these two beagles are just as happy connecting […]

Tiny Beatrice boasts a big heart

Before I tell you all about this adorable little fluff-ball, I have other good news from her caregivers at Sheba’s Haven Rescue. In my last article showcasing the heavenly Haven nestled just north of Kingston, I confessed that one of our beagles residing there was a bit of a kleptomaniac. It seemed among the many […]

There’s a reason they call him Tarzan!

I’m moving at the end of this month which means there’s plenty of packing on the agenda. However, ‘procrastination’ has somehow made its way to the top of my To Do List. I keep telling myself to stop monkeying around, but I’ve got way too much in common with my Pet of the Month. So […]