Environment Views: Pollinator plantings a welcome addition on Kingston Road

By KATIE FULLERTON Upper Beach residents are now enjoying new floral displays along Kingston Road. On June 7, all 28 tree wells from Pickering to Victoria Park were planted with various pollinator friendly native perennials.  The aim of this project is to both beautify and to provide additional habitat for native bees, birds and butterflies. The […]

Growing food, growing community

Through my experience of working with community groups and being part of urban food groups such as the Scarborough Food Network and Toronto Urban Growers, I have seen a growing (pardon the pun) interest in food production in the city. The most obvious indication of this interest is of course the number of community gardens […]

Time to start thinking seeds and trees

Every year there is a day when my partner Jared comes down the stairs and notices that the dining room table has disappeared. “Ah,” he says, “Spring is coming and the seeds are back.” You see, I am what you might call a ‘Seedaholic.’ While preparing for gardening season the dinner table is covered by […]

It’s easy to be green in East Toronto

This article marks my debut as the environmental columnist for this paper and I am excited for the opportunity. In these columns I will explore environmental issues with an emphasis on local relevance. To me, it is important to build awareness and interest in our local green projects as well as tell the stories of […]