Business owner off to Cardiff

It’s not unusual for students to work during the summer to help pay for school, but when that business pulls in over $100,000 in a year, that’s taking a student job to a whole new level. Avis Painting owner Stephen Andreopoulos has done just that. At 22 years old, Stephen has achieved what many young […]

Mrs. South Asia Canada takes nothing for granted

Whether you believe life is shaped by karma or governed by our own personal drive and determination, the newly crowned Mrs. South Asia Canada, Amita Seth, would probably tell you it’s a little of both. This latest achievement epitomizes Amita’s willingness to jump in, take chances and enthusiastically grab everything life has to offer. Living […]

Helena hopes to help kids get better access to cancer treatment

East York resident Sarah Calderwood thought her then three-and-a-half-year-old daughter Helena Kirk had an earache. It turned out to be something much more serious. Helena was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a disease that would put her through 841 gruelling days of chemotherapy. “It was shocking and terrifying to know that our little three year old was going to be […]

Curious about olive oil? Karen can help

Karen Rapp is an olive-oil sommelier, which apparently is an actual thing. If this surprises you, don’t worry—not too long ago, Rapp had no idea about that either. Four years ago she was on the hunt online for Olio Nuovo extra virgin olive oil, unaware of just how serious people could get over this product […]