Signs of spring everywhere – literally

From our beautiful trees budding and tulips popping, to days that alternate between rain showers and sun showers, to the increased pedestrian traffic on the boardwalk – and auto traffic on Queen Street – signs of spring in the Beach are everywhere. And as a matter of course, spring’s arrival in the Beach is heralded […]

Hard times ahead for first-time buyers

As this dreary winter that wasn’t (or is yet to be?) unfolds, I thought I’d reflect upon the past year in Beach real estate and postulate upon the upcoming few months ahead of us. Of course, if the chilling forecasts and tall tales regarding this winter’s ferocity, and those omnipresent polling predictions of the election […]

Real estate regulators need to be more proactive

If you happened to view CBC Marketplace’s recent investigative report about the practice of “double ending” real estate deals, you were given hidden camera access to conversations between a seemingly potential buyer of a house and several targeted listing agents who represented the properties for sale on the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service […]

MPAC assessments are in

As we look forward to what is being predicted to be a hot and dry summer, the page turns on what was a hot and dry spring real estate market in our beautiful Beach neighbourhood. We experienced a further escalation in home prices these last three months, hitting new highs in sale values that continue […]

Trees a boon to property owners

I really believe that there is no more liveable, vibrant, and beautiful neighbourhood in our fair metropolis than the Beach. And although every season helps to showcase that fact, I think the Beach in autumn is perhaps the most outstanding. Our urban forest is at its brilliant best when the leaves turn, with a dazzling […]