Where design and decor dreams come true

The Staging Warehouse located on Fallingbrook Road just north of Kingston Road, is run by Sharon Bowering who is also known in the community for her design company called Mutual Designs. Both companies have staged over 100 houses in this area over the last several years, and Sharon strives to create spaces where clients can […]

More Ward 19 city councillor candidate interviews

We are less than a week away from municipal election day in Toronto, happening October 22. The Beach Metro News staff, including our student reporters from the Centennial College Journalism program, have been busy covering news and events in several of our newspaper’s catchment areas. The following series is our second crop of stories from […]

TDSB trustee candidates talk platform

On October 22, voters of Beaches—East York will be marking an “X” beside the name of who they hope to be their new school board trustees. With election day around the corner, trustee candidates will be making the final push to convince voters why they should be chosen to represent the needs of parents and […]

Ward 14 candidates debate transit, housing and term limits

Alexander Peña surprised everyone when he stormed in demanding a chair at the Toronto–Danforth Council Candidates’ (New Ward 14) Debate on October 3 at the Centennial College Story Arts Centre during Chris Marinakis’ opening statement. Security quickly escorted him out. He returned in time for the closing statements and was given a chair but decided […]

Princess the cat needs a home ASAP

“My name is Princess. I may not have a brightly coloured coat but there’s nothing more classic than black! And I may be a few hairballs older than a kitten, but I still have my moments of madness and mischief! Most importantly, I’m not too old for love! I can prove it if you let […]

The Leafs ‘Face-Off’ for a new season

Has there ever been a more anticipated hockey season for long-suffering Leaf fans? Dare we dream? It’s been over half a century since Toronto last held a Stanley Cup parade. Who remembers Bobby Baun scoring with a broken leg? I have fond memories of those long ago Saturday nights, the last strains of the Hockey […]

Fresh voices and new ideas

We are fortunate to have students from the Centennial College Journalism program covering news and events for the Beach Metro News over the next few weeks. This series of candidate interviews is their first crop of stories, and there will be more to come. (The second installment is here.) Not only is this an opportunity […]