Whither Argo? Blame Canada

Blame Canada, blame Canada We need to form a full assault it’s Canada-s fault! (From Blame Canada,  from South Park: The Movie, nominated for Best Song at the 1999 Academy Awards,) Say hello to awards season. On Jan. 10, the Academy Awards will announce the nominees for this year’s Oscars. The Golden Globes air Jan. […]

Dickens, Carrey and the Beach

“May it haunt their houses pleasantly”     – Jim Carrey, in A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. Around 1981, I saw a young, rubber-faced comic perform in a small club. His wacky impressions wowed the crowd. Jim Carrey went on to become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. This September he was back in town shooting […]

Beach vet consulted on The Great Escape

Nov. 11 is a day of Remembrance…lest we forget. Each year there are fewer veterans around to keep their stories alive. How will their courage be remembered? It sure won’t be in Hollywood movies which have ignored or distorted Canadian history since the early days of cinema. I grew up with a bomb in my […]

Hollywood rewrites history again in Affleck’s Argo

Identifying with past experiences and pondering their significance deepens our experience of what it is to be human. History is a dialogue between the past and the present. We ask questions about the past because of things that we’re concerned with now. – Prof. Jan Noel, U of T Magazine, Autumn 2012 Tensions in the […]

Beach actor back in town for TIFF

Actor Katie Boland has been called “Canada’s Sweetheart” and lives part of the year in L.A., but the Beach is still close to her heart. Katie grew up near enough to the GOOF (Garden Gate Restaurant on Queen) to smell the moo goo guy pan. She comes from a creative family: her dad is retired […]

Sets and the City: summer of the remake

A Ferris wheel on the waterfront? Don’t worry, the ‘Lakeside Amusement Park’ was just a movie set at Cherry Beach for the horror flick Silent Hill: Revelation 3D coming out Oct. 26. In a bygone era pleasure parks were very popular in the Beach. There was even a Ferris wheel at Munro Park way back […]

Edwin Boyd: Danforth boy gone bad

Edwin Boyd died in 2002, but he would be smiling to see his name in headlines once again. Toronto’s most infamous criminal always wanted to be the centre of attention, a Hollywood star like James Cagney. Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster is a beautifully shot period piece with terrific performances from Scott Speedman, Kevin Durand, Kelly […]

A walk through the storied past of Lee Avenue

Lee Avenue is one of the oldest and most historic streets in the Beach area. Originally it was called Kew Avenue after Kew Gardens, which is on the west side of the street, and which in turn was named after the Williams family, some of the earliest pioneers in the Beach. Politically, Lee Avenue covered […]