Zia Choudhary seeking Toronto-Danforth seat for Conservatives

Zia Choudhary will be running for the Conservative Party in Toronto-Danforth in this fall's federal election. Photo: Submitted.


Conservative Zia Choudhary is running to be MP for Toronto-Danforth in this fall’s federal election.

Choudhary, 52, lives in Scarborough but has been associated with the Toronto-Danforth community for the last six years.

“I’m a volunteer and long-time advocate of the small business sector, and I believe that the small business sector is the prime contributor to the nation’s economic background,” said Choudhary.

Choudhary initially migrated to Canada with his wife and two children, holds an MBA in Technology Management, and has more than 30 years of experience working in the corporate sector.

He is a realtor and a Rotarian.

Choudhary’s website says that he is “working for the people and driven by a passion to strive for a long-awaited change in Toronto-Danforth.”

“I feel that there is a need for strong representation in the federal government to ensure active federal participation in affordable housing, community safety, transportation, and opportunities for all, especially for the youth,” he said.

Choudhary said that another one of his motivations for running for office is to lower ever-rising taxes for families.

“I envision a strong and safe community centred towards youth empowerment and education with a focus on easy access to employment opportunities, health care, and aid for senior citizens,” he said.

Choudhary said he also believes in the need for a fair and lawful immigration system as well as “making formidable steps to alleviate poverty in the community.”

His website also said that he wishes to be a strong voice for the community, and that he feels that he has the right skills to contribute to his community and to his country.

He said that is his motto is to serve the community before serving himself, and he is an advocate for multiculturalism.

“I believe in fairness, and I strongly believe in a society that promotes women’s rights and equal opportunities for all.

Choudhary will be running against Liberal incumbent Julie Dabrusin, Min Sook Lee for the NDP, and Chris Tolley for the Green Party.

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For more information on Conservative Party Candidate Zia Choudhary, please visit his website at https://www.ziachoudhary.ca/

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been updated from it’s original posting to include links to Beach Metro News profiles on other candidates running in the federal election in the Toronto-Danforth riding.


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