This is the story of Alice in Wonderland…the rescue dog version

Peer through the looking glass and you’ll see the similarities between the real Alice in Wonderland and the adorable 10-month-old Husky mix pictured here. They share much the same “muchness”! They’re both brimming with curiosity, adventure and wild imagination. Such qualities are highly valued by any self-respecting storybook character determined to win your affections and […]

Tiny Beatrice boasts a big heart

Before I tell you all about this adorable little fluff-ball, I have other good news from her caregivers at Sheba’s Haven Rescue. In my last article showcasing the heavenly Haven nestled just north of Kingston, I confessed that one of our beagles residing there was a bit of a kleptomaniac. It seemed among the many […]

Take a left turn with Franky

I bought a T-shirt this summer with a great saying printed on the front: “When nothing goes right – go left.” If the 11-years-young beagle pictured at right were to have her own motto that would be it. She’s got a quirky sense of humour. She’s also got brilliant navigating skills when following life’s crazy […]

Georgie crossed the Rainbow Bridge

If you’ve ever been owned by a pet, chances are you’ve heard of the Rainbow Bridge – not the one in Niagara Falls, but the poem. Written by an unknown author, it’s a heart-warming piece exchanged by animal lovers to bring comfort at the toughest moment we share with these fur-clad beings – the moment […]

Wookie offers a whole lotta love

We always had miniature poodles growing up. The first two were white but my mom insisted on a stain-hiding darker shade after that. “White dogs are impractical. They need constant cleaning,” she’d complain, as if we were talking about wall-to-wall carpeting. Maybe so, but I get a kick out of dog food moustaches.  It’s probably […]

Gregory looking for a home to climb

General Hospital celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year! I must admit I was a casual fan of the daytime soap opera back in high school. I’m sure it never occurred to my teenaged self there were far more cat fights than surgeries. But that’s how they do things in Port Charles. Here in the Beach, […]

Beautiful Angel needs heavenly home

Angels travel in packs. These gangs of good almost always have a leader too – the inspiration behind their unrelenting acts of kindness. The head halo is often elusive by nature, fluttering just out of identifying reach. But recently, I caught one by the wingtip and I absolutely refuse to let go. Of course, that […]