Baddie bungles Beach beagle burglary

A dog snatcher has his tail between his legs after a Beach couple foiled his plan to steal their beloved beagles. “We’re never tying them up again,” says Thea Lilley, who left her beagles Abbey and Stella near a busy Queen Street East grocery store just after noon on Saturday, Oct. 3. Home with a […]

Auto thieves target the Beach

Police are warning car owners to be alert after five high-end vehicles were stolen in the Beach last week. Police at the local 55 Division say surrounding divisions are seeing a similar spike in auto thefts. Four of the five vehicles stolen in the Beach were Lexus and Toyota models. They were taken from the Pine […]

Untapped “well of talent” is missed

For a while before it shut down, the Roxy Theatre at Danforth and Greenwood screened one movie every Friday and Saturday night — the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Fans of the cult comedy-horror musical know to bring squirt guns for the rainstorm scene and confetti for the wedding, never mind the glitter and your favourite […]

Deja Views

This colourful autumn photo was likely taken in the late 1980s, near the foot of Lee Avenue. Do you have a photo you’d like to share? Call me at 416-691-4774.  

A walk through the storied past of Lee Avenue

Lee Avenue is one of the oldest and most historic streets in the Beach area. Originally it was called Kew Avenue after Kew Gardens, which is on the west side of the street, and which in turn was named after the Williams family, some of the earliest pioneers in the Beach. Politically, Lee Avenue covered […]