Celebrating the little-known Kew Beach Athletic Club

At the bottom of Lee Avenue stands a forlorn-looking building that looks like it has seen better days – and it has. This is the Kew Beach Boathouse, built around 1932-33. At one time it housed canoes, and it really was an architectural marvel. We will try to restore it to its once great place […]

East End schools in a class of their own

Thinking about what my next historical article would be, I realized this is the month everyone goes back to school, so I should do an article on the schools, but a little differently. One of the oldest school in the area, if not the oldest, is Norway Public School, near Kingston Road and Woodbine Avenue. […]

Beach has always been a tourist area

What is a heritage area? I look around our great city and see a few areas that are designated as a tourist area, such as the Eaton Centre. How in the world can the Eaton Centre be designated a tourist area during holidays but not the Beach? Over the past few decades I have fought […]

Glen Manor home offers a window on the history of the Beach

The Beach, as it has been officially known since the 2007 electoral referendum, has seen a long-standing debate over its name.  Even the municipal referendum to determine the neighbourhood street signs had to be held twice in an effort to come to some sort of resolution between the Beach and the Beaches camps. As the […]

Tax alternatives have taken their toll

In the news the last while, our elected officials have been looking at some new ways of filling their coffers. Taxation? Well, yes, but how about something else? Some minds of the brain trust have come up with an idea: how about toll roads in the city? The province allowed a company from outside the […]

Buildings hold history, not just boats

When were the Beach boathouses first built?  Where were they? Who were the first boathouse owners? These are all good questions, and at this time maybe we should try to find the answers. Right now there are two boathouses, which may be in jeopardy. One is the Silver Birch Boathouse, currently used for its intended […]

Women helped make the Beach, and still do

History, many say, is slanted to the fact that men are the ones that make history. I take this as an offence against women, especially those who live or lived in the Beach area. Let us take a critical view of some women in the political, literary, educational and sporting aspects of life, to give […]

Winter in the Beach over the years

With this great snow storm that inundated the city and the East End, several people asked me about activities during winter in the area. While I have written some articles on this subject, let us do one more. The Beach, to some who may not know, is a series of small ponds, marshes and streams. […]

Sir John A. – the Beach connection

Nearly 200 years ago – 198, to be exact – the most important person in the history of Canada was born in Scotland: John Alexander Macdonald, who would become the first Prime Minister of the newly-formed nation of Canada. He came to what was to be Canada at the age of five with his parents, […]

Spirit of the Beach shines at Christmas

What is the spirit of Christmas in the Beach? The spirit is the people of the Beach and East End, who contribute to helping their fellow citizens, especially at this time of year. When we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate what Christ did: help the people of the world, especially the poor and unfortunate. Helping people […]