Beacher Jorie Morrow takes the stage in Disarming Venus opening this week at the Toronto Fringe Festival

Jorie Morrow, along with a collective of 13 women over the age of 50, will be presenting Disarming Venus at the Toronto Fringe Festival this month.


Life-long Beacher Jorie Morrow, along with a collective of 13 women over the age of 50, will be presenting Disarming Venus, a live performance exhibit that delves into their unique perspectives on love, beauty, and aging.

Disarming Venus will premiere at the Toronto Fringe Festival on July 4 and run until July 14.

This marks Morrow’s seventh appearance at the festival in the past nine years. Her extensive background in acting, which began in childhood and formally studied at George Brown College, has made her a staple in the Toronto arts scene.

In 2020, she joined Act 3 Theatre, a collective dedicated to empowering older women and challenging societal norms surrounding aging and beauty.

Act 3 was founded by Marni Walsh during the COVID-19 pandemic to unite creative women in their ‘third acts’ of life. The group aims to use their artistic talents to tell their stories and shift societal views on aging and beauty towards a more positive and inclusive perspective.

The upcoming show, Disarming Venus, will feature Morrow, Walsh, and 11 other women as they explore historical and social beauty and ageing constructs through the mythology of Venus.

The performance will touch on various representations of Venus, from the famous Venus de Milo and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus to the tragic tale of “Black Venus.” Each scene, written by a collective of 22 writers, is as unique as the women performing them.

“What could a group of women over 50 possibly have to say about beauty, love, life, and aging that hasn’t been said already? Well, you haven’t heard it all!” reads the show’s press release.

Disarming Venus is presented by the Act 3 Theatre company at this month’s Toronto Fringe Festival.

The Disarming Venus performance is described as a blend of drama, comedy, puppetry, and music, which promises to take audiences on an emotional roller coaster.

Morrow is eager to share her and her peers’ stories with audiences. Disarming Venus will be performed at The Performing Arts Lodges Toronto, 110 The Esplanade, on July 4, 5, 7, 10, 12, 13 and 14.

Reflecting on the show’s central theme, she noted, “Historically, Venus is the personification of beauty and love, but it’s important to note that she’s flawed.”

Perhaps one of the most famous Venuses, the Venus de Milo or Aphrodite of Melos, is an ancient Greek marble sculpture created during the Hellenistic period. The statue is broken and flawed and doesn’t resemble what Morrow describes as today’s “incredibly absurd and ridiculous beauty standards through society’s very narrow scope of female beauty.”

“Venus is beautifully flawed and perfectly broken, like all of us,” said Morrow. “Perfection is an illusion, and the show (Disarming Venus) is meant to explore the standards of aging, the worship of youth, and what it does to us as we enter our third act.”

The show’s exploration of Venus extends to cultural and historical representations, including the 29,000-year-old carving of the Venus of Willendorf. Through these different lenses, the play challenges preconceived notions and celebrates women’s diverse experiences as they age.

“We all grow older, and it’s a wonderful thing that should be celebrated, not pitied or shamed,” said Morrow. “As women, we evolve. We ripen into unique individuals with wisdom and experiences.”

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