Open Doors Spiritual Matters: Boost your energy by finding ways to make the best of each day

Doing things you like, such as taking a walk (or a dance) along the Boardwalk, can help boost your energy during these challenging times, writes Rev. Angela J. Cluney.


As the crisp autumn air arrives and the days get shorter, many of us are starting to feel less energized.

I think we are feeling less energized than normal due to us using up our pent up energy over the summer. After all, we were trying to have the fun that we were all so desperately craving after months of isolation.

This summer was also different for us as we opened up more as a society and we tried to get back to our understanding of the normal that we all remember living before.

As we consider how we are feeling now in mid-November, we perhaps used up too much of our energy as we did not want to miss out on something we were waiting to do.

As we now become accustomed to our somewhat normal existence, as we start to attend our churches, eat in restaurants in person and go back to school and work; life does not seem as exciting as it did before. We are not as engaged as were pre-COVID-19. We are simply starting to feel what society is calling COVID Weary.

I know that I am feeling COVID Weary. Nothing is as exciting as it was before! We are spending time learning new skills for work and we cannot get caught up on our work. We want to stay home instead of going out and being with people as were before.

This is the reality for a lot of us, who are adapting to living in a pandemic. We are adjusting to our restrictions and to new protocols.

After a conversation with one of my older congregation members, I was encouraged to create a new attitude to get reenergized.

He mentioned to me that he was thinking often of what he has been missing over the last while in isolation and of his friends that he lost due to death and adjusted living conditions after the long COVID-19 period.

He decided it was time that he started living again! Whether he was weary or not, simply because he could live!

He has decided each day to make the best of it. Dance, walk, be with family and friends, laugh or try something new. Each day is another opportunity to live!

Maybe we all can do his idea so we can have a new attitude and enjoy life again. Think of something that energizes you, and just do it.

Do things that your lost friends cannot do anymore and have fun for them. Do something that makes you smile each day, so that you can build up your energy again to simply love life. I will see you on the Boardwalk, I will be the one dancing.

Rev. Angela J. Cluney is with Fallingbrook Presbyterian Church.

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