Open Doors Spiritual Matters: As you celebrate Easter and spring’s arrival, look for symbols of hope and renewal

Rev. Angela J. Cluney of Fallingbrook Presbyterian Church writes about Easter in this edition of Open Doors Spiritual Matters.


Foreign News Correspondent Janine di Giovanni wrote: “Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal and new life.” I believe this to be true as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ in our communities of faith and in our lives.

As we celebrate the miracle of the empty tomb, we are reminded of eternal life and fresh possibilities that Easter brings us through the rising of Jesus Christ. The wonder of the resurrection is a gift from God that brings us hope and new beginnings full of possibility. It is something we should embrace in this unusual time of disillusionment that we are feeling.

After a year of living in our current pandemic situation, and celebrating a second Easter with online worship services outside of our familiar church buildings and reduced time with our family and friends, we are in need more than ever of symbols which represent hope, renewal and new life for each of us.

We long for connectedness and a sense of happiness and joy, and new possibilities which will refresh and rejuvenate us. It has been a long period of physical and socially distanced activities.

Unfortunately, as we see the increase of cases in our city due to variants of COVID-19 and a slow rollout of vaccinations, we are craving more than ever a new beginning that Easter and yes “spring” brings us.

Many of us are tired and weary, we are carrying burdens and worries, and we do not know which way to turn. We are missing our favourite activities that make us feel alive.

We simply want a new beginning that comes with new life, no, we need to experience what new life does to our spirit and to our greater well being.

I invite us in this time to hold on to the promise of hope, renewal and new life that Jesus brings us. I encourage us to grab hold of the new possibilities and to enjoy springtime that is happening all around us.

Remember that hope is alive and that new life is here for us to enjoy. Savour the beauty that spring brings us. Open your eyes to the wonder of creation all around us, listen closer to the sounds of God singing out and add an extra jump to your step to remind you that you are indeed alive.

Embrace the spring weather with walks in nature, make time for moments of meditation and prayer with God in the fresh, crisp air, lean down to smell the bright flowers and marvel as the flowers peak through the newly thawed soil. Listen for the outside sounds of birds chirping, squirrels scurrying and children playing. Remember that spring has sprung with endless possibilities before each of us. The beauty of God is ours to discover despite the worries that life in a pandemic brings us!

Take time to enjoy a new day, to reach out to your family and friends and celebrate each new day living the life you have been gifted today. You will not regret it!

I believe you may just spread the hope, renewal and new life you feel to another who needs it as well. I trust that by sharing this experience, it will remind us all how important it is to live a lifetime filled with joy and happiness. Happy Easter!

Rev. Angela J. Cluney is with Fallingbrook Presbyterian Church.

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