Six-storey condo proposed at Coxwell and Queen

A developer is proposing to build a six-storey condo on what is currently a KFC restaurant on Queen Street east of Coxwell Avenue.

Located at 1630 Queen Street East, the condo would have 62 apartment units and four two-storey townhouses, with a total floor area of 50,500 square feet.

Writing in a planning rationale submitted to city planners, consultants at Bousfields Inc. note the condo plans do break with some of the Beach urban design guidelines that were added to Toronto’s Official Plan last year.

For example, the building’s front balconies project more than a metre beyond the streetwall, and it is taller than the maximum height set out in the guidelines. On the height issue, Bousfields said the extra massing is appropriate given that the lot is 42.7 metres deep.

City planners are now studying the submissions.

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Mary Margaret Mahon’s Urbanization Plan at work again. Yet another building, though this one a high-rise taking over the east end landscape. I thought people down here moved and/ or remained in the area because of its “village” feel. What village feel? Last time I looked the Beaches looks just like any other neighbourhood in Toronto. The death of a neighbourhood. That’s all this is. Thanks Mary Margaret…your making Tom Jakobek look like a saint of a councillor.

I love it. Get rid of the eyesore and bring some life back to this seedy corner. The southwest corner should be next. I support the project.

Nobody will cry at the demolition of a KFC building (unless you really are keen to clog your arteries with a Double Down sandwich) but this building is too big and looks out of character – it looks like all the other grey and white condos across the city (who needs colour photogrpahy?

The condos built in the 80s are smaller and fit in far better, plus most new condos do not allow restaurants and food stores and thus are harder to lease – just look at One Rainsford which has 100% vacancy in the retail.

This building exceeds the rules McMahon put in place and she refused to make amendments but rushed it through.

I am disappointed that the Beach Metro seems to quote only developers or city officials, but never asks neighbours or other people who are critical of a condo proposal to comment.

No one said they wanted to see the KFC remain. The issue is how tall and overpopulated the proposed building is. That and it retains zero Beach character. Can only assume Mr Great that you don’t live on a surrounding street. How far away do you reside? Or are you just commenting on behalf of the builder or the City?

I live in the area and think it’s a great for the neighbourhood. 6 stories is a low-rise and totally fitting within that underdeveloped stretch of Queen. With the price of houses in Toronto it’s important to offer other (hopefully more affordable) alternatives.

To Ashvale and Graff, you do not live in a private enclave. This is a growing, changing metropolis. Toronto is one of the most populated cities in North America, not cottage country. If you want to cling to your NIMBY ideas you might consider moving to a gated community outside the city. I’ve lived in the east end most of my life and the only “Beach character” I have witnessed has been that of entitled, whiny classism.


Can only assume you work in real estate in one fashion or another (the term NIMBY is used by those in the real estate industry). If it’s true that you’ve lived in the Beach most or your life and still do currently then you are well aware that condos in the neighbourhood go for $450+ thousand and upwards. They also carry a monthly maintenance fee of hundreds of dollars. Considering small semi detached houses can be found in the upper Beach and West Beach for the same prices, minus the monthly fees, your argument of affordable housing is very weak.

And not wanting a 7 story, 22.5 metre building, overlooking your property is not an “entitled” opinion. It’s a right of a property owner. And a property tax payer. In fact, it’s the right of any Canadian to express their opinion. And calling people names for expressing that right is juvenile.

It can only be assumed by your misplaced anger that you are not a homeowner and are a renter or lodging at a family member or friend’s home. In which case you haven’t invested your savings into a mortgage, not only because of the property but also the neighbourhood.

Is it also reasonable to assume that you weren’t at the Community Consultation Meeting on Monday night as there was not a single resident present that voiced support for the height and density of the building.

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