Coxwell station upgrade underway

Subway travellers who step out of Coxwell station for the first time might ask a simple question – where am I? Coxwell station opens onto a quiet street, Strathmore Boulevard, which runs a block north of Danforth Avenue. For anyone who doesn’t know the area, it’s not immediately clear that the narrow, dimly lit walkway […]

Path to accessibility at Woodbine Beach

If you’ve got wheels or hot feet, there is now an easy way to the water at Woodbine Beach. Parks staff recently installed a plastic path to help people cross the sand between the beach boardwalk and the shoreline south of Donald D. Summerville Pool. Geordy Cook, 7, discovered it last week on a bike […]

Learning from a dog’s illness

“She kept giving us kisses, and that’s how I knew she was the one.” That is how Beach resident Tatiana Santini explains how she and her daughter picked Lexie from a litter of puppies in Arizona almost 11 years ago. Lexie, an American Dingo and Shepherd cross, was soon staying with Santini who “confiscated” her […]