Greenwood Secondary, SOLE would move under PARC recommendations

The Toronto Danforth Pupil Accommodation Review Committee revealed its recommendations for East End secondary schools at a busy public meeting at Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute on March 11. The provincial ministry initiated the review process when it requested information on all Toronto District School Board facilities that were operating at less than 65 per […]

Vandalism can’t keep student artists’ spirits down

For several months the Grade 8 students at Earl Haig Public School have been communicating with the director of the Bell Box Mural Project, Michael Cavanaugh. The result is the murals on the Bell utility boxes on Hillingdon Avenue. In the first week of June the Grade 8 class and Mr. Cavanaugh came together to […]

999-year lease needs transparency

Have you ever heard of a 999-year lease of a public park to a school in the City of Toronto before? Apparently nobody has. That is one reason many residents wrote to Mayor Tory and city councillors before the May 5 council meeting asking that the motion to lease Pantry Park to the Toronto District […]

Ministry leaves board spinning wheels on crowding solutions

The garden seems to be thinking that spring is going to happen. The snowdrops are up and the crocuses starting, so perhaps it really is SPRING – but I am not taking my winter coat to the cleaners yet! The TDSB is beset with crises, some of our own making and many because the Ministry […]

East End schools in need of help

Parents and students at Secord Public School have had enough. That is the message they want the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to hear, understand and act on, as conditions at the school are deteriorating and the funding to address the issue does not seem to be a priority. $70 million in funding was frozen […]

Courcelette P.S. celebrates 100

Courcelette Public School is celebrating a century of education in the community this month. The school will be hosting a centennial party for graduates, former staff and community members on May 26 at the school from 1 to 4 p.m. The event will feature the opening of the time capsule from the 75th anniversary, as […]

Dealing with budgets, bullying and overcrowding

By now you have read or heard the Drummond recommendations for the Provincial budget. I expect you are sick to death of listening to kvetching about budgets – provincial, city and now education. As am I. However you need to know that this year, to paraphrase Queen Elizabeth, it is ‘Budget Horribilis’. This will be […]

Do ‘Boobies’ have a place in schools?

Imagine, for a moment, a student walking down the school hallway with a T-shirt on that says, “Teachers are blankety blanks!” He or she would be sent down to the office and probably home faster than you can say “repugnant.” And that is as it should be. Principals have the power to control what messages […]