Building on a passion for education in Nicaragua

A Beach Hill family is in Nicaragua this month to commemorate the 75th classroom built by their SchoolBOX charity. The Marvin Salazar School, just outside San Benito, Nicaragua, will service about 300 students from kindergarten to Grade 6, taught by five teachers. The two classrooms and supplies such as desks, chairs and a whiteboard will […]

Mixed start for all-day kindergarten

Construction delays could leave staff at three local schools juggling for class space when they start full-day kindergarten in September. All the kindergarten students will start at their schools on time. But at Adam Beck, those students may have to use an alternative class in first few weeks, said local TDSB trustee Sheila Cary-Meagher. Kindergarteners […]

Saving the world starts with students

Remember Grade 9 geography class? Let’s see … you figured out the locations of South Africa and the East China Sea, used pencil crayons to make a pretty map of Canada with labels for all the provincial capitals, learned to read a topographic map and made neat bar graphs with extra marks for accuracy. Me, […]

The unpredictable high school change

If you’re lucky, they don’t turn into hoodlums or druggies. Okay, I exaggerate. But it is with some trepidation that you should anticipate the changes that happen to your sweet, young child when he or she makes the big leap from grade school to high school. Much like Dr. Frankenstein, you might be saying, “Sweet […]

Principals honoured as outstanding

A pair of East End principals have joined an exclusive list, after being named by The Learning Partnership as two of Canada’s Outstanding Principals. Tammy Ross, principal of Crescent Town Elementary School, and Thelma Sambrook, principal of Bowmore Road Junior and Senior Public School, are two of 51 principals from across Canada honoured for their […]

Treasuring the sound of children’s voices

A treasure lies hidden in our children’s school, a precious jewel. Yet the adults who gaze upon it are few. I was one of the lucky ones this past June, when I attended the end-of-year student talent show at my daughter’s elementary school. The acts were swell, some outstanding. But the star act, in my […]