Missing Beach resident Murray Abbott found dead

Police have confirmed that Beach resident Murray Abbott, 36, was found dead early on Monday morning. A jogger saw Abbott’s body in the water just east of the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant at 6:40 a.m. on Monday, May 12. Police recovered the body, and an autopsy confirmed that it was Abbott’s body by Monday night. […]

Neighbours fly flags for food bank

A project that was brought to the Beach by two people just a few years ago now has 25 families taking part and hundreds following along or participating. DailyFlag for DailyBread aims at raising money and gathering food for those in need over the holiday season. Over the last three years more than $40,000 has […]

Leuty residents launch daily flags

Dozens of Beach families will raise flags, funds and food for the Daily Bread Food Bank this Christmas. Starting on Dec. 1 and running every day until Dec. 25, one house on Queen Street and two dozen on Leuty and Violet Avenues will fly a new holiday flag above their front steps and patios. Inspired […]

Leuty flag fundraiser exceeds expectations

Michelynn Laflèche and her partner, Benedict Hilliard, celebrated the Advent season with friends and neighbours by hoisting a series of 25 uniquely-designed flags along Leuty Avenue and the surrounding neighbourhood (Raising the flag for a good cause). The plan was to open the flags to public bidding and donate the money to the Daily Bread […]

Raising the flag for a good cause

Last year Michelynn Laflèche and Benedict Hilliard raised $600 for the Daily Bread Food Bank by displaying and selling specially designed, one-of-a-kind Advent flags on the front lawn of their Leuty Avenue home. It was such a success, and caught the interest of the neighbours so much that they all wanted to participate this year. […]