Local gymnast soars to new heights

Hayden Ashley wasn’t a natural when she took up gymnastics around the age of one.  Tumbles weren’t uncommon features of her early routines. “I usually fell on my head,” Ashley said, not sugarcoating anything.  You wouldn’t know it looking at her latest results. Ashley, now 11, placed fourth overall out of 150 in the Ontario Championships, which were held from May 31 to June 3 in London.  […]

Gymnast best in eastern Canada

Ten year-old Clara Raposo really goes head over heels for a birthday. On May 9, the young Beach gymnast won gold at the Eastern Canadian Gymnastics Championships in Moncton, New Brunswick. It was Raposo’s first time competing for Ontario at a provincial championship, and it came the day after her 10th birthday. “She’s a very […]

Beacher top gymnast at Winter Games

Beach gymnast Megan Roberts won royally at the Canada Winter Games in Prince George, B.C. The 14 year-old won more awards than any other female gymnast at the February Games. On day one, Roberts and fellow East York Gymnastics member Sarah Posidis-Kowalski both won silver medals with Team Ontario as they faced rival provinces in […]

Injury can’t keep gymnast down

Gymnast Megan Roberts started her first season on Canada’s junior team with an unlucky break. A fluke slip off the balance beam in October landed the 13 year-old in a  shoulder cast. Her six-week recovery pinched any chance to compete before Elite Canada, the January qualifier that determined where she would compete this season. Given […]

Young gymnast on the rise

Video of a recent floor routine by 12 year-old gymnast Russel Kelly ends in a freeze frame that shows him in mid-air, pin straight and upside down. Obeying gravity on a couch at home in the Beach, Kelly describes what it’s like to run, jump and flip above a gym floor. “I’m just thinking, ‘Pull,” […]