Bussin weighs options for 2014 Toronto election

Three months before campaigns start for Toronto’s 2014 election, former councillor Sandra Bussin is testing the waters for a political comeback in Beaches-East York. “I’ve been approached by a number of residents saying they’re very unhappy with what’s happening at the city and urging me to run again,” Bussin said. “That’s where it started.” Now […]

Ford 1, Foulidis 0 after defamation ruling

On Dec. 27, Ontario Superior Court Justice John Macdonald concluded that Mayor Rob Ford did not make any statements that defamed Boardwalk Cafe’s owner George Foulidis. The decision was made after a trial that lasted less than two weeks last November. Foulidis accused Ford of making statements to a daily newspaper which implied that the […]

British soccer academy not coming to the Beach

It all appeared to be going well and the community would see a top soccer academy affiliated with the English Premiership come to Woodbine Beach. Then, it seems, politics got in the way. Boardwalk Pub’s George Foulidis and the restaurant’s General Manager of Sales, David Valente, were first contacted by Premiership Academy, a British organization […]

Foulidis: bad guy or fall guy?

There seems to be no end to the drama that surrounds the Boardwalk Restaurant – or is it Pub, or Café? Regardless of what the name is, it seems to be a political mess planted right here in the Beach for the long haul. The most recent chapter in this ongoing power struggle had George […]

Public gets first look at Boardwalk Pub plans

On Dec. 3 George Foulidis, owner and operator of the Boardwalk Pub in Ashbridges Bay Park, along with Ward 32 Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon held an open house at the facility in hopes of answering questions and addressing concerns from the community in relation to the planned expansion of the facility. Foulidis hopes to extend the […]

Plans for the Boardwalk Pub revealed

On Dec. 3, there will be a community consultation drop-in at the Boardwalk Pub (Woodbine Beach). The purpose of the drop-in, which runs from 3:30 to 5 p.m., is to inform the community about the future renovations to the site that have been approved by the city. Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon said that “no more parkland […]

Boardwalk Pub starts work on redevelopment

On Oct. 12 concerned residents started calling the Beach  Metro News office as well as Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon’s office about some mature trees being cut down around the Boardwalk Pub. Four trees had indeed been cut in the morning, but McMahon confirmed that all the necessary permits  to take down the trees had been acquired. […]