‘Snow angels’ show traces of wildlife

Of the many reasons to love winter, one of my top ones is finding footprints in freshly fallen snow. If you take the time to go for an early morning walk after a snowfall you can observe the extensive animal activity that is happening all the time and all around us. Animals that are nocturnal, […]

Saving the Scarborough Bluffs foxes

A while back I received a call from a neighbour on my street saying that they had found a fox with mange.  That was when I first discovered how many of my fellow Torontonians loved our animal neighbours and were willing to go above and beyond to help them. Together, the neighbour and I called […]

Fox in distress gets help at TWC

The afternoon was cold, so cold you could see your breath. It was beginning to get dark. Everyone was quiet, excited, and hopeful. We were waiting…and hoping…and then all of a sudden, “There! There he goes!” Within a few short seconds the fox darts out of his cage, over a fence, and onto the bluffs. […]