Malvern Red and Black Society update

Evan J. Butchers, who attended Malvern in the late 50s and early 60s, was elected as the new president of the Malvern Red and Black Society, and Sandra Burk from the Class of 1975 was voted in as its new vice president—both have had a long association with the Beach community. We wanted to welcome […]

Lifelong calling led pastor to Calvary Baptist

Before he became ‘pastor Al,’ Alan Roberts was a 19 year-old campie cooking and cleaning for oil riggers on the BC-Yukon border. Living out of a trailer on the tundra, there wasn’t much else to do. “There was nothing,” said Roberts, speaking at Calvary Baptist Church in a check shirt and jeans. “It was like, […]

Of stoplights and crosswalks

There are three things in life I abhor. I’m repulsed by mixed vegetables, particularly the mixes with the lima beans, peas, beans, corn and those little cubed carrots. They may look pretty, but to my palate they just don’t belong together. I can’t stand it when one of my guitar strings breaks, especially when I’m […]

Let go of stuff and open door to new spirit

The season of spring always heightens my awareness of how much I appreciate openness. I emote something positive when I see signs that say “Open for business,” or when I think about the ‘open road’ or hear the musical ‘heart beat’ intro to Tom Petty’s ‘Into the Great Wide Open’.  Opening buds and blooms, open […]