Pick up a book with #IndigenousReads

June is Indigenous Book Club Month, a month devoted to discovering, reading and supporting the work of Indigenous writers in Canada. Using the hashtag #IndigenousReads for online discussion, the month-long book club encourages reconciliation by increasing Canadians’ understanding of Indigenous issues, cultures, and history. Some of the books recommended include Birdie by Tracey Lindberg, The […]

Curl up with these plant books

Well, there aren’t exactly a heck of a lot of matters that need attention in the “Horticultural Matters” department these days other than tending to giant tropicals that are waiting for the warm spring day when they can escape to the great outdoors. So ever since the big freeze I have been entertaining myself by […]

Recommended reading for wildlife lovers

Happy New Year, everyone! If you haven’t done so already, maybe take a moment to celebrate the wonderful natural world all around us. Can you believe it’s already 2016? Although many are wondering what is in store for them at home, at work, with friends, family, and loved ones, I find myself wondering what wildlife […]

George Harsh and the Great Escape

With each passing Remembrance Day there are fewer Second World War veterans around to share their memories of courage, sacrifice and survival. A recent Star movie review suggested that “filmmakers may finally be running out of screen-worthy stories to tell from the conflict.” Last year the Fox held a special showing of The Great Escape […]

Beach Books

Escape Plans By Teri Vlassopoulos 247 pages Invisible Publishing Teri Vlassopoulos’ debut novel jumps around in time and location, from Toronto to Montreal, and from France to Greece, following the sometimes painfully separate lives of the Kiriakos family. As major plot points go, Escape Plans gives away its ending – also the book’s beginning – […]

Beach Books

Death by Triangulation by John Oughton 168 pages Neopoiesis Press Reviewed by Jon Muldoon Death by Triangulation is purportedly a mystery novel. But as the plot twists and turns, and the action shifts between the present day and 1961, a larger story and – let’s not mince words – a larger conspiracy emerges. Using a […]

Beach Books

Exhilarating Prose By Barry Healey and Cordelia Strube 173 pages Baraka Books Barry Healey and Cordelia Strube don’t mince words in Exhilarating Prose. And nor should they, as they work their way through a guide for aspiring and practising writers with advice culled from dozens of published and well-known authors. Healey most recently published The […]

Beach Books

Beacher Barbara Dingle has written the first of a planned series of children’s books based on her experiences with her own grandchildren, as well as a character named YumTum. Apple Saucy!, illustrated by Andrea Dedrick, focuses on the joys of Grammie making healthy, tasty apple sauce with grandchildren Livvie and Liam – along with help […]

Beach Books

The Vanishing Beach, 1896 – 2014, A sketch book of early Toronto homes and cottages By Donal Murphy Oakhill Publishing Beacher Donal Murphy has taken his lifelong love of the Beach and its distinctive cottage architecture and produced The Vanishing Beach, 1896 – 2014, A sketch book of early Toronto homes and cottages, his visual […]

Beach Books

Belonging By Sandra Joyce 270 pages Welldone Publishing Reviewed by Jon Muldoon In Belonging, Sandra Joyce has created a heart-rending piece of biographical, historical fiction, inspired by the lives of her mother, a nurse during the Second World War, and her father, a Canadian soldier who came to Canada via Scotland as one of more […]