Beach Books in review

“Confessions of the Hairstylist” Anastasia Kravtsova 79 pages 10-10-10 Publishing It’s fun to step into the life of Beach hairstylist and personality Anastasia Kravtsova. With a zest for self-promotion, her social media channels are filled with bubbly videos and warm posts about clients and friends – and, recently, photos and updates about her latest endeavour, […]

Beach Books

50 Canadians Who Changed The World  By Ken McGoogan HarperCollins, 319 Pages Reviewed by Jon Muldoon After a number of books using detailed research to add his own new perspective and expand on the canon of polar exploration history (Fatal Passage, Ancient Mariner, Lady Franklin’s Revenge), Ken McGoogan stepped out of the formula he had […]

Beach authors offer something for everyone

While creative people have long called the Beach home, this summer seems to be a banner season for authors in this corner of the city. No matter what your taste, there’s likely a Beach author who has tackled the topic. Reviewed here are four wide-ranging offerings, from mystery to young reader fantasy to visual history. […]

Multiple Beach authors release books in multiple forms

Beach author and cat lover Penel J. Smith has just self-published a children’s book for which she also did the drawings. Hugo and Fluffy Tales is told from the point of view of Smith’s two cats of the same names. It traces their time together from when the kitten, Fluffy, first appeared as part of […]