A bicycle, a bicycle! My kingdom for a bicycle

The confrontational phrase “war on cars” has been much used in recent years. It is a sensationalist term that serves only to fuel the flames between those favouring one mode of transportation over another, when in fact each mode of transportation has its own benefits and challenges. Cycling is a combination of fun, good exercise, […]

Climate change has local effects

Spring is arriving – slowly! The excitement over mild weather and the awakening of the plant world will soon have us forget the never-ending winter and late, cold spring. Alas, let’s actually not forget; instead, we should get used to a new norm in weather and temperatures! In April, Franz Hartmann, Executive Director of the […]

Creative and healthier transportation

In these colder, darker winter months running errands by car is a great convenience. Warmer weather will again bring out not only more Beachers but also draw in hundreds of out-of-area visitors, many arriving via public transit but many by car – and our tight little neighbourhood just cannot take it anymore, in more than […]

Look to the sun to provide power needs

Winter has arrived. Central heaters hum almost full-time and lights are needed from mid afternoon. With a few exceptions, we can rely on our electrical needs to be available at the push of a button or flick of a switch. Do we know where our energy comes from? Do we care? According to the Canadian […]

An intro to the greener side of the Beach

It is hardly surprising that we Beachers care so much about our natural environment. With beautiful Lake Ontario, parks, ravines, and mature tree-lined streets right on our doorsteps, we are truly fortunate. Our parks’ usage matters to us, fallen trees don’t go unnoticed, and urban development is fiercely fought where it threatens natural resources and […]