Make your home office work for you

With summer nearing its end and kids and parents alike prepping for back-to-school, new beginnings are in the air. Back to school time is always a bit melancholy, as we dread the cold weather to come – at least I do – and the end of summer freedom. But with the new season and school […]

New materials bring new life to outdoors

With the warm weather coming and days getting longer, Canadians head outdoors in swarms. Since our summer is relatively short, most of us resolve to spend as much time outside as possible. In preparation for sunny days and warm nights on the patio, it’s time to spruce up our yards. Last year I tackled two […]

Build a DIY pipe dream of a table

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in my dad’s workshop. He had a huge room filled with every tool imaginable, and boxes and boxes of really cool cast-off items. I would often spend a day rummaging through these to see what I could make of them. My favourite was a big crate filled […]

Top design trends for the coming year

photos x2: Christine Roberts: Above, Below left, items collected while travelling are highlighted in part by a white wall as a backdrop. As we prepare to bid 2015 a fond farewell, it’s time to look ahead to the coming year and get excited about new trends in design. There are so many things that affect […]

Five hot trends for fall as the weather cools

Up north last weekend, the sight of everyone bringing in their docks, putting away the boats and getting ready for winter was a sobering one. I really don’t like the winter weather at all, or the thought of being housebound for months. But if we have to head indoors for the season, then let’s at […]

Two blueprints for one-of-a-kind art

As the temperatures cool and we start to think about heading indoors, we may notice our homes have been neglected. Whether your house needs a little refresher or you have rooms you’ve never quite gotten around to finishing, creating a focal point on a wall is a great way to pull the room together. If […]

Embrace the creative divide

Vintage and reclaimed pieces are super popular right now. The patina and character found on older items just can’t be reproduced or matched. There are many ways to incorporate vintage items into your home’s design and interior architecture and they quickly become focal points in a room. A client recently hired me to build a […]

Turn cracks into character

Spring is the season of rebirth, of new beginnings and an optimism that you can feel in the air. I love to start new projects in spring. Maybe it’s the longer days with warmer temperatures that put everyone in a better mood. Somehow it always inspires me to take on neglected items on my to-do […]

Southwest style for northern Beach homes

I recently got back from a trip to Los Angeles. I also spent time in Santa Monica, Venice Beach and other surrounding areas, wandering around looking at design and culture that is truly Californian. It struck me while I was there that the style and design of a place is unique to its area because […]

Holiday entertaining with vintage style

The holidays are a great time to bring some vintage decorating into your home. Nostalgia, family traditions and heirlooms can evoke your family’s own special history and personality for all to share. Using treasured keepsakes on your table and in your decor is a great way to start conversations about their history. There are limitless […]