Felting with fleece fun for families

Little Bo Peep washed her sheep, They got so grey and greasy. But after a wash in a soapy tub They came out white and fleecy! – Nonsense Nursery Rhymes by Richard Edwards – A fun book of new twists on traditional nursery rhymes. This summer I discovered felting with fleece and soap or rocks, […]

Fun for kids out on the town and at home

Jump, jump, jump, Jim Joe, Shake your head and nod your head And tap your toe. Around and around and around you go, You find a little partner and you jump Jim Joe! This is a great singing game for little ones; the actions are self-explanatory. You can find this and more on Kathy Reid-Naiman […]

Transform old art into new art

Daffy Down Dilly has come to town, in a yellow petticoat and a green gown Children love to paint, especially the younger ones who will paint through a stack of paper in a few minutes. There’s only so much room on a fridge and even if you recycle it as wrapping paper, you will probably […]

Lions and lambs for springtime fun

March brings breeze loud and shrill, to stir the dancing daffodil. They also say if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb. Pretty soon it will be March Break and children will have extra time, especially since March can be unpredictable, when the sun shines hot and the wind blows […]

Snow and ice fun for the kiddies

Lives in winter, Dies in summer, And grows with its root upwards. What am I? The answer to the riddle is an icicle. We may not have had enough snow to slide and play in, but we have had enough cold for ice, and children have been having fun skating on the city rinks. Ice […]

Great art program for young children

1 leaf, 2 leaves, 3 leaves today, 4 leaves, 5 leaves, Blow them all away! Count this rhyme out on your fingers Substitute leaves for worries and blow them all away! You may find the children are spending more time indoors now that fall is upon us and looking for things to do, especially the […]

Make your own craft supplies – it’s easy

A,B,C & tumble down D, The cats in the cupboard and can’t see me! Now that the big kids are heading back to school, have some fun in the kitchen with the littles! You don’t have to buy paint or play doh, you can easily make it and create another fun activity while you’re at […]

Add fun with home-made puppets

June 5, storyteller Sally Jaeger and I are participating in the first Ontario Ultimate Block Party from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Toronto’s historic Fort York.  From 7,000 to 10,000 children and their families will tour and take part in about 20 play-based learning-activity centres. The activities are for children aged one to 81, […]