Time to embrace change at Beach Metro News

“Ch-ch-ch-changes,” sang David Bowie through my car speakers the other day.

And it’s true: the only constant is change. Change is inevitable. A change is as good as a rest. And some things, like newspaper editors’ boundless love for clichés, never change.

In the spirit of the YIMBYs (yes, in my back yard) Beach Metro News is embracing change.

You may have noticed the call in our last issue for input on a new look for the paper. Over the coming months, the changes we will adopt will be put into use both in print and at beachmetro.com. Some will be obvious, others less so, but all are intended to make reading Beach Metro News a more positive experience.

In the spirit of community, this very space will be opened up somewhat as well. Consider this an open invitation to all the writers and thinkers in the Beach and surrounding area. Write in. Let us know what you’re thinking, and we will share results with our readers.

Think grand themes, big ideas, constructive criticism, or novel insight. We’re looking for anything well-written that explores new ideas or looks at current local issues in a new way.

We’ll still offer this space to our local politicians from time to time, in order to let our elected representatives share with you exactly what they’ve been doing with their time (and your tax dollars).

But we’d also love to hear from more of you, so don’t be shy.

While many aspects of journalism have changed and continue to do so, however, not all change is for the better, at least as far as we’re concerned. While we need our design and content to reflect the changing times, we won’t pander to the lowest common denominator.

Don’t expect to see ‘clickbait’ headlines become the norm, nor for ‘listicles’ of content mined from other sources.

Don’t expect us to give up on our specialty of covering hyper-local news either. Despite the tendency for many outlets to take any major national story and stretch to find a local angle, we believe there are fully local stories worth telling, enough that we don’t need to put a new introduction on a wider story and try to sell it as local coverage.

Most of all, we want you to continue to hold us to account.

We are a unique newspaper. As a non-profit, we are fully accountable not to stockholders, but to readers.

If there’s something we should cover, tell us. If we missed something in a story, let us know. If you have news tips, column ideas, concerns, criticism, or commendations, take two minutes to write them down – we are listening and reading.

A truly successful community newspaper should function like a relationship. After all, a newspaper without readers isn’t much of a newspaper at all.

If you have an idea, a proposal, or a finished column, email me. Use the same address for comments, suggestions, or letters to the editor. Let’s keep this conversation going.

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