Butterflies and birds migrating now

My fascination with butterflies has driven me nuts the last few years, trying to take a good photo of them. A beautiful Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio Glaucus) sails around the air in front of me at Ashbridges Bay. It then takes me on a merry chase around the park – I keep my eye on it as it swirls to the right then to the top of the tree, to a flower and then it’s gone!

September is the migration season for butterflies, including the swallowtail, above, and Monarch as well as for many birds. Butterfly bushes can attract both butterflies and other winged creatures, including hummingbirds.

The next day I come for my walk and there is the swallowtail, resting on the branch – snap, snap, snap, I finally get a shot of it.  I move around it, get on my knees and it doesn’t have a care in the world. Why was it so hard yesterday?

It is the time of year that the butterflies are starting their migration. I love the variety of colours, size, markings, wings, and beauty of the butterflies. Over the ages in various cultures they have symbolized love, rebirth and the soul. There are over 16,000 different species of butterflies and moths around the world.

While at work at Cedar Ridge Creative Centre I noticed the butterflies, moths, bees and hummingbirds around a pretty purple flower called Butterfly Bush. Talking with the gardeners, they told me it was a perennial (buy only once), loves sunshine (lots of that), and water. So on Labour Day I decided it is time to start a butterfly garden. Julie (my daughter) and I went to the flower nursery. We picked up two Miss Ruby Butterfly Bushes.  I placed them under the hummingbird feeder (hoping my husband would get the hint and plant them) when suddenly there were four butterflies resting and feeding on the bush. Also feeding on the plant was the dog – I lost one bright purple end.

Take time to enjoy the outdoors.  Watch the skies for hawks, birds, butterflies and dragonflies that are all migrating – I never get tired of the fall. The Beach is the perfect place to see all the migrants.

For more information on butterflies and moths go to bit.ly/f7btuk, or check out my friend Walter Fisher, who has a nice gallery of butterflies and moths at bit.ly/Qbt7Kg. Walter has a nice selection of butterfly photos to help ID your moth or butterfly. Remember to have fun.

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I find if you are at peace, comfortable somewhere outside, like reading a book in the sun, a butterfly will land on your toes…They seem to be attracted to you when you are in a zen like state…I was in Mexico in the mountains where the (Mariposa) monarchs migrate to from here…Thousands of monarch butterflies all over the tree trunks & branches, it was wonderful!

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