5 minutes – 5 questions

This issue’s edition of 5 Minutes – 5 Questions features Beach artist Grethe Jensen, who is participating in the Beach Guild of Fine Arts’ Art Down by the Bay art show and sale, September 21-23. An interview with Jensen appears here.

1. What is your favourite place in the Beach? – “The beach itself, the actual waterfront. I often walk or ride to the waterfront, and the feeling amazes me every time, how can it be possible to live in a major city and be just a few minutes from a place so serene and special?”
2. What has been your favourite summer meal? – “My freshly harvested breakfast. I wander into my backyard first thing in the morning, pick a tomato, some greens, such as chard or kale, a handful of green beans, some herbs, whatever calls out on that particular day. A light stir fry, add an egg and some feta cheese, a cup of coffee – now that is breakfast in the summer!”
3. What have you been reading this summer? – “I am a library fan, and right now I am working my way through a book on Picasso, spurred to learn more about the infamous artist following his show at the AGO, and I’m also reading Writing the Revolution, a new book by Michele Landsberg. Her feminist interpretations are as important today as when she first wrote them.
4. Did you go anywhere unique this summer? – “Stayed close to home for the summer;  Ontario and Canada are among the best places to be in the summer. But there are unique ways to vacation close to home. Along with two friends, I helped organize our annual ‘eco tour’, a weekend of cycling designed to be completely car-free and carefree. This year, 11 of us, with our bikes, travelled by ‘limo-bus’ from Toronto to St. Thomas, from where we cycled along Lake Erie, through Brantford to Burlington, a total of about 250 km over four days. From Burlington, we returned to Toronto by GO Train. There are many wonders along the backroads of Ontario.”
5. Canoe, motorboat, or sailboat? – “Hmm, I am not much of a water person, prefer to keep my feet on dry land. Can I opt for a bicycle?”

Jackie Gaudaur’s father, Jake, was the Commissioner of the CFL from 1968-1984. The story behind Jackie’s search for a cherished photograph he kept with him is called The Photograph, part of a TSN-BellMedia celebration of the CFL called Engraved On A Nation.

1. What is your favorite place in the Beach? – “That’s easy! The corner of Queen and Beech – a great destination after a long power-walk – ice cream from Ed’s, a peanut butter cookie from the Bean and a film at The Fox.”
2. What has been your favorite summer meal? – “A fresh, homegrown salad from my own vegetable garden.”
3. What have you been reading this summer? – “A deeply thought provoking book, entitled, Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life. The author, James Hollis, explores the ways in which we can create a larger, more meaningful life.”
4. Did you go anywhere unique this summer? –  “My daughters Myan, Amy and I took our very first trip to Nova Scotia. We loved the raw beauty of Peggy’s Cove, the wonderful sea air, the quaint towns. The seafood was amazing. I’d go back in a heartbeat!”
5. Canoe, motorboat or sailboat? – “As I feel quite connected to my Metis ancestry, definitely the canoe. My great great grandmother was Ojiibway, and her husband a French Canadian coueur de bois. They lived out their lives at the Narrows in Orillia.”

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