A lifetime of travel and an abundance of stories

Everyone has a story to tell, but Bernie Howgate has a million of ’em! The former Beach resident started collecting his stories on the day in 1980 he decided to go for a ride on his bicycle. Eight years later, Bernie had gone around the world on that bike, written a book about his adventures, and changed his life completely.

Former Beacher Bernie Howgate turned a bicycle ride into a lifetime of world travel and adventure around the globe. PHOTO: Phil Lameira

Originally from England, Howgate came to Canada in 1975 and was working on a contract basis as a consultant for industry. He owned a home in Etobicoke, but lived in an apartment on Fernwood Avenue in the Beach. Following the breakup of his relationship at the time, Howgate was encouraged by a friend to “take time out.” What began as a two-month cycling vacation to Newfoundland, ended up as a journey of epic proportions.

“I didn’t mean to cycle around the world, “ Bernie told me. Inspired by Terry Fox, he decided to go across Canada, driving in his old car, carrying his bike for side trips. An encounter with a hitchhiker in Alberta convinced him that his freedom lay in flight. He arranged the sale of his home in Etobicoke, purchased an open-ended ticket to Australia…. and was off. Over the next eight years Howgate cycled through Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia,  Thailand, India, Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Uganda, Zaire, Kenya, Spain, Germany France and back to his native England. Along the way and over the years Howgate grew from a man who, in his own words, had been tied to relationships, to an independent world traveller who could count among his friends people from all around the world.

Howgate had many adventures on his travels as you might expect, and very often came close to death. One particular episode recounted in his book, Tales of a Travelling Man, took place on a secluded lagoon beach near Ahrambo, India. The beach was, as he says, “the home-away-from-home for the true survivors of the sixties peace and love movement”. You would have thought it was a safe haven, an idyllic Eden of sorts, that is until the day one of the ‘hippies’ went a little nuts and ended up murdering two of the other beachers, before fleeing. The fact that Howgate had been in town during the murders probably saved him from being a victim.

Bernie Howgate considered publishers for his book after he finished writing it, but decided to follow an old Irish tradition of selling his self-published Tales of a Traveling Man door to door.

“People were gobsmacked about it,” he said. “It really mushroomed.” Since Tales Howgate has written five more travelogue-style books chronicling his adventures cycling and kayaking in, around – and across – Canada. He travelled from city to city selling them out of the back of an old Chevy Suburban. So far he reports having sold between 43,000 and 45,000 books over the past 20 years.

It would appear, however, that Bernie’s freewheeling travelling days are more or less over. While living in Kenya, manning a kayak rental shack on a beach on Lamu Island, he met Belinda who ran a nearby cafe. They have since married, and Bernie has traded his bicycle for a plough, operating his own market garden “shamba”, a two-acre plot of farmland. He’ll be in Toronto visiting friends – and selling copies of his book – for the next few weeks. Belinda is coming over for a visit, and the two are heading off to the East Coast. If you are interested in finding out more about Bernie Howgate, or getting a copy of his book (and he hasn’t come yet to your door), call him at 416-839-2441, or visit his website berniehowgate.com.

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This is a great story–what an adventure. I’d love to get a copy of this book, and will contact Mr. Howgate directly.

I’m hoping he’ll still be in the Toronto area on June 9, when I’ll be with a group of writers from across Canada who would love to hear about his writing, self-publishing, and marketing this book. We’ll be doing a Walking Tour of The Beach that day.

Saw him on TV years ago and then fortuitously met him a few days later while on a trip to the city. Bought his book and have never looked back…thanks Bernie!

Darn! Sorry I missed Bernie being in Toronto.

Back in 1996 (?), Bernie came to my door. We had a great chat, and I purchased his then-current book “Newfie or Bust” from him. All about his cycling a rickshaw across Canada. I’m re-reading it right now, and was curious what became of him. I googled him a few years back, and nothing came up. Glad to see he’s alive and well.
As for his book: it’s a fun read, something like a rambling diary. The typos, spelling errors, and odd grammar all add to the story.


glad to hear this Richard.
Yes,he’s a genius writer of his own style.
Always learn alot from him everyday and yeah doing great in his farm

I met him at a door 2019 while I was working in the Blue Ridge area of North Vancouver B.C. He gave me his book with the promise I would send payment. Sadly I forgot and have recently remembered to follow up with no leads as his info and number are not current. Anybody have any leads.

I’ve been trying to track Bernie down for years, after I bought a couple of his books over a cup of tea, in my home. I then sent him to the local high school, where they also bought copies. I’ve got a ‘hotmail’ address for him, but it no longer seems to work. Any info would be helpful.

Hello, I happen to be an old friend of Bernie’ s . I seen your comment on Beachmetro, and my reason for reaching out to you is in hope to find Befnie Howgate. He seems to have gone missing for past 3 years now, for some reason his informations and websites have disapeared off medias since he moved to Africa. Any informations on Bernie would be helpfull. Emily Levesque
email adress:(runningwild7803@gmail.com)

Hey guy, Chuck here from Mud Lake Road…Labrador…touch base with me please.. like to have a yarn…

Bernie is doing fine at his farm in Kenya.
Hopefully he’ll be back soon to Canada once Covid 19 lockdowns have been lifted

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