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One of our highly-valued volunteers –  our volunteers are all highly valued – Su Brown, who delivers on Oakcrest (and is a good friend of my friend Jennifer Iuzi) dropped into the office the other day. She just happened to mention that she enjoys this column, so I told her that was a good reason to be in it.

1. Your favourite place in the Beach? – “The boardwalk. There’s a peace that comes over me when I walk down there. It’s so lovely.”
2. What was the last movie you saw? – “I’m not a big movie watcher per se. I plan to watch Bridesmaids with a group of friends and family… maybe some wine and cheese.”
3. Speaking of which… Beer, wine, or whiskey? –  “I like white wine, Pinot Grigio. You know, I could give up alcohol completely and not miss it. But coffee? Never. I roast and grind my own organic fair trade coffee that I get from Merchants of Green Coffee down at Broadview and Queen.”
4. What are you reading? – “Cook books! I’m going through all my old cookbooks. I’ve been bored with cooking lately and I’m looking for new recipes.”
5. Cat or dog? – “I have a cat and a dog, and love them both. They’re both so diffferent. The dog, a Wheaten Terrier, gets me out walking, but the cat – a rescue cat – is more of a retriever than the dog.”
6. Heels or flats? – “Flats definitely! Walking a terrier in heels just won’t cut it!”
When we were first discussing the idea of this column, Beach Metro News’ own Melinda Drake, of News in Brief, and our ‘webmeister’ sent me an email with her own responses to the questions. As you can see by her answers, Melinda is not one to ramble on.

1. Your favourite place in the Beach? – “My new patio.” (I’ve seen photos, and it looks lovely)
2. Hat or not? –     “Spring and fall… no… summer and winter…. yes.”
3. Beer, wine, or whiskey? – “Yes.”
4. Car, truck, bike or TTC? “Car, mostly.”
5. Cat or dog? – “ Cat.”
6. Heels or flats? – “It depends on so many things.”

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