5 minutes — 5 questions

For this edition of 5 Minutes – 5 Questions, it was suggested that I ring up Susan Truong, Head Librarian, Main Street Public Library, 137 Main St. She was delighted to take five minutes out of her busy day for this.

1. Your favourite place in the Beach? – “I would have to say Kew Gardens. There’s not a lot more to say about it… it’s just nice and peaceful there.”
2. What the last movie you’ve seen? – “Drive, with Ryan Gosling. It’s one of my favourites so far. Gosling is such a good actor, I’m surprised he’s been passed over for an Oscar. It’s a bit violent, but still very good.”
3. Beer, wine, or whiskey? – “I like whiskey… single malts… not one favourite though.”
4. What are you currently reading? – “I’m really waiting for The Hunger Game, by Suzanne Collins. It’s catalogued here as a children’s book, but it’s definitely not. It’s really more of an adult’s book. It’s part of a trilogy, and the movie is coming out in March. It’s huge on our waiting list.”
5. Cat or dog? – “Dog for sure. Although I don’t have a dog of my own now, I look after Cookie, a friend’s Bichon Frise. He’s an awesome little dog.”
6. Heels or flats? – “Heels for sure, especially in the summer. Why not?”

Then, In keeping with the intellectual level of this issue’s column, I managed to get through to a very busy Line Pinard, the Principal of Malvern Collegiate.

1. Your favourite place in the Beach? – “I think it’s the Boardwalk. The people I see down there seem to be really getting away from everything. We are so lucky as a community to have such a wonderful place in such an urban area. We have the lake right at our doorstep.”
2. What is the last movie you’ve seen? –     “The Adventures of Tin Tin in 3D. I followed the series as a child. I should also mention that the dog’s name in the original series is Milou… and that’s what I’ve named my dog. I think Steven Spielberg got it right.
3. Beer, wine, or whiskey” – “Wine… absolutely. I like a nice dry red.”
4. What are you currently reading? –    “I have several books by my bedside. One is Sarah’s Key, by Tatiana de Rosnay. It’s about a young Jewish girl in Nazi-occupied France. Her family is rounded up by the police, except Sarah’s younger brother whom Sarah has locked in a closet.”
5. Cat or dog? – “Definitely my little dog Milou… a Bichon Frise… lot’s of fun.”
6. Heels or flats? – “At 5’2” you would think heels would be a necessity, but as principal of a school that has three floors  – and no elevator – I need flats. Let’s say heels would be the dream… flats the reality.”

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