Gerrard and Main project gets green light

An application to amend the city zoning bylaw was passed at the regular meeting of the Toronto and East York Community Council on Jan. 10, allowing a six storey building at 2223 and 2225 Gerrard St. E.

The proposal, which was the subject of a community meeting last April, is for a mixed-use six storey development, consisting of two live-work units on the ground level, as well as 22 residential units above. There would also be one level of underground parking. The property is on the south side of Gerrard, between Main Street and Kimberley Avenue.

The proposed development falls within the mixed use zoning, but is well over the density and height limits for the area, and needed a bylaw amendment to proceed.

Ward 32 Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon said the new development could be a positive addition to the Main and Gerrard neighbourhood.

“I think it would increase the foot traffic for local businesses,” she said.

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another development in the Beaches neighbourhood which is too high and too dense for the area. so much so that it violates current zoning laws. I support intelligent projects which compliment the buildings next door and interrelate with the area. but a six-storey block, with overhanging balconies, right beside a school playground, is not what I invisioned that Beaches community endorsed. vertical city here we come!
five-storeys I could deal with : )

I think this will be a great addition to the area. The area seems to be a ‘forgotten gem’ in Toronto – and while I can see the point of view of our neighbours that don’t want condo’s…it is a relatively small one, and only means the area will start to further close the gap between the Beach and the Upper Beaches. I can totally see a revitalization of businesses along Gerrard. Well done! I’ve been a resident for 22 years…and think this is a step in the right direction!

there is a lot of growing concern in our ward that the Councillor doesn’t listen and see no problems with developments that are too tall or inappropriate.

The planners are approving development everywhere where a developer wants it, whereas the policies were supposed to be to direct growth to Downtown and the 4 “Centres”, with intensification on Avenues (like Danforth) happening only after extensive study, based on the City determining which areas were priorities for development. Development guidelines that call for midrise develoment (5 to 11 storeys) on Avenues where there is transit and where a vibrant mainstreet is possible were supposed to have development no higher than the width of the street – which on most Avenues is 6 storeys/20m. There are no density limits under these policies – developers can cram in as much as they can with in the height and setbacks.
But these Avenues & Midrise guidelines are now being used everywhere to justify intensification, even on roads that are supposed to be stable, like parts of Kingston Road and Gerrard.
What is worse is that development charges in the city are so low – development doesn’t pay for the infrastructure we need to handle the extra population.
A 4 storey building in this location, with generous setbacks, would have been appropriate – but get a rezoning is like getting “free land” with minimal outlay for lawyers and fees – the process needs to change so that the city determines the height and density, with rezonings only occuring in exceptional circumstances.
Councillor McMahon ran on a platform of listening to people and empowering the community – this hasn’t been happening – write to her to complain.

What we are getting is development

I am not sure if there is a lot of sarcasm in these threads or if some of you actually think 6 stories in not suitable to the corner of Gerrad and Main. In any event this is not Queen street and a 6 story building at this site is great, will add vibrancy and I think you’ll be hard pressed to find folks who actually live around the area who disagree – in fact I am sure the folks up on the Danforth (where Main already has high rises and Woodbine is due for a 12 story) would be really happy to see more 6 story development.

I think that the area desperately needs development. I’m not sure why it’s taken this long for even one of the 3 corner locations to ‘take off’ but it’s time we had some investment and improvement to the streetscape. For a long time now it’s been a bit ‘scruffy’.

It may not matter to you, but when new condo projects take the place of 90 year old, low-rent buildings, the neighbourhood values around the project usually increase.

Increased foot traffic is good for local businesses and reduces street crime. With the exception of increased car traffic the changes should be entirely positive.

Joe – we are all entitled to our individual opinions about what is appropriate, and what is not. Feel free to express yours instead of criticising me personally.

But in this case, the Friends of Queen held several publice meetings, and there have been other meetings including ones for the Visioning Study, where many people have expressed views similar to mine.

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