Dog rules under review

Dog bites and off-leash dogs will be key issues in an upcoming review of Toronto’s dogs policy. City councillors said those were the top dog-related problems in their wards when they asked for the review, which licensing staff expect to present to council on Nov. 26. Based on talks with animal experts, a look at […]

Letters to the Editor for October 21, 2014

Transit plans should not exclude vibrant communities For many Torontonians, transit is a huge concern, and the mayoral candidate with the best transit plan will win my vote. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of the plans are any good. Not a single scenario includes a stop at the Beach. This is a vibrant destination for […]

Helping hopeless, homeless dogs

Beacher Michael Case is hoping every homeless dog will have its day. And if they don’t find their home right away, his Project Dog Foundation aims to make life comfortable in the meantime. Case and his wife, Meg, used to volunteer walking dogs at a Toronto Animal Services shelter once a week. Occasionally there would […]

Nothing quite like Mama’s love

This is the story of a dog yet to be named. For the time-being, she’s known as Mama. The 3- to 4- year-old shepherd/husky mix has had her share of pups. Nothing extraordinary about that, but there’s more to the nickname than procreation. She also goes by ‘The Matriarch of the North’ and she’s earned […]

City will consider bylaw banning feeding of coyotes

Citing public safety, city staff have rejected one councillor’s call for a ‘no kill’ policy towards problem coyotes. But this fall, council will consider a bylaw that fines anyone caught feeding coyotes $240 for a first offence and up to $5,000 for repeat offenders. Scarborough Centre councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker asked last March for a new policy […]

Wookie offers a whole lotta love

We always had miniature poodles growing up. The first two were white but my mom insisted on a stain-hiding darker shade after that. “White dogs are impractical. They need constant cleaning,” she’d complain, as if we were talking about wall-to-wall carpeting. Maybe so, but I get a kick out of dog food moustaches.  It’s probably […]

City sniffs out possible leash laws change

Taking a lead from New York City, the City of Toronto is asking residents whether to allow off-leash dogs in some city parks in the early morning and late evening. Such “courtesy hours” would apply only to parks with no off-leash dog areas that meet a checklist of neighbourhood criteria. Ward 32 councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon […]