Find buzz and community on Kingston road

Located in the Upper Beach community, historic Kingston Road has taken shape as a burgeoning neighbourhood bursting with local shops, entertainment and an overall feel of community. While Kingston Road is a part of the Beach community, the vibe remains as unique to the area atop the hill as the stores and people that reside […]

George Harsh and the Great Escape

With each passing Remembrance Day there are fewer Second World War veterans around to share their memories of courage, sacrifice and survival. A recent Star movie review suggested that “filmmakers may finally be running out of screen-worthy stories to tell from the conflict.” Last year the Fox held a special showing of The Great Escape […]

Beach vet consulted on The Great Escape

Nov. 11 is a day of Remembrance…lest we forget. Each year there are fewer veterans around to keep their stories alive. How will their courage be remembered? It sure won’t be in Hollywood movies which have ignored or distorted Canadian history since the early days of cinema. I grew up with a bomb in my […]