Environment Views: When it rains, it pours

As yet another June rainfall pelts against my windows, I am thinking about the still flooded Woodbine Beach, and photos and film footage I have seen of the Toronto Islands underwater. I know I am not the only one worrying about this year’s disturbing spring weather and how it affects homeowners, nature lovers, motorists, wildlife […]

Secord students test STEM knowledge

A purse with a solar smart-phone charger. Door-to-door battery pick up. Garden scoops built for super-speedy seeding. Every student at Secord Elementary put a bright idea on the table during the school’s first-ever STEM showcase on Jan. 16. Speaking in a gym full of student projects, teacher Claire Roberts said the idea was to combine […]

Scientists in School celebrates 25 years

Proving yesterday’s news is more than today’s compost liner, last week Grade 1 students at St. Denis Catholic School were building furniture with nothing but tape and newspapers. “Boys and girls, that test was way too easy,” said Kathryn Allen, a Scientists in School presenter, just after balancing a pile of hardcover books on the […]