Working on the future of healthcare in Ontario

While knocking on doors during the 2014 election, I quickly learned that healthcare was a key concern in Beaches-East York. Toronto East General Hospital was scheduled for expansion, but provincial funding was jeopardized by the election. Residents did not want to see the loss of a much-needed renewal that would help TEGH modernize and better […]

Reducing greenhouse gas pollution in Ontario

Ontario has taken another bold step toward addressing climate change. Premier Kathleen Wynne and Glen Murray, the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, announced that the province will be implementing a carbon pricing program that will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in our environment. Our government is introducing a cap and trade system which […]

Getting an early start in politics

Pop quiz – name the Ontario minister for seniors’ affairs. Need a hint? Just ask 13-year-old Kate Beverly. Before she started a month-long stint as a page in the Ontario Legislature, the Grade 8 student memorized all 107 Members of Provincial Parliament by name, face, riding, and title. Beach Metro News recently spoke with Kate […]

A century of memories

When Mary Franklin rang in her 100th birthday, friends and family met where she made her home for half a century: Moberly Avenue. Mary bought a house there in 1954, for $8,900. A painting of it hangs in her room at the Beach Arms and shows a bright spring day. Beside it is a photo […]