Deja Views

Boy, not much has changed at the Gresham in 89 years – maybe a good thing. This apartment building is located on the south side of Queen Street East, close to Munro Park Avenue. Do you have a photo you’d like to share? Call me at 647-531-6116.  

50 years of the best view on Queen

Joe Cirone calls it his soft spot. Any time he gets a free minute at his Queen Street grocery store, Cirone likes to peek over the tomatoes in the window and look straight down to the foot of Munro Park Avenue, where he has a clear view of Lake Ontario. It’s a beautiful view, and […]

Hazel looks back on life full of adventure

Most people are being cute when they talk about “a bun in the oven.” But for Hazel Ferguson – born in the summer of 1911 – the saying rings unusually true. Because she only weighed three pounds at birth, doctors told Hazel’s parents to swaddle her and set her in an oven – unheated, and […]