Sir John A. – the Beach connection

Nearly 200 years ago – 198, to be exact – the most important person in the history of Canada was born in Scotland: John Alexander Macdonald, who would become the first Prime Minister of the newly-formed nation of Canada. He came to what was to be Canada at the age of five with his parents, […]

Spirit of the Beach shines at Christmas

What is the spirit of Christmas in the Beach? The spirit is the people of the Beach and East End, who contribute to helping their fellow citizens, especially at this time of year. When we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate what Christ did: help the people of the world, especially the poor and unfortunate. Helping people […]

Pondering the imponderable – what is history?

We ask the question, what is history? Especially in the East End? Is it 10,000 years ago when the last ice age receded to form Lake Iroquois, which left us with the bluffs and and all  the land along the Niagara Escarpment? This geological formation left us with the present Lake Ontario, and in the […]

Queen Street East is the heart of the Beach

Queen Street – where does it begin? Where does it end? Queen Street at one time was Kingston Road, and then at one point in time one section became Queen, and Kingston was rerouted to where it begins presently, where Queen and Kingston meet. Historically, we will start Queen Street where in my humble opinion […]

Deja Views

C. H. Lavender was a confectionery store located on Kingston Road just west of Balsam Avenue. Beth Lavender from Pickering was so kind to share this photograph of her family and their former business. The image, taken sometime in the mid 1920s, depicts her grandmother Catharine standing in front of the door in white, Beth’s […]

Greenwood Avenue’s history of bricks

We have in the East End a number of exceptional streets that are known for a variety of reasons. One of these is Greenwood Avenue. Greenwood  is located almost in the middle between Leslie Street and Coxwell Avenue. Greenwood is unique in that it probably had more brickyards than any other street in the city […]

Boardwalk is important part of the Beach way of life

In the last issue of the Beach Metro News, the Wizard of Written Witicism, fellow columnist Glenn Cochrane wrote about our Beach boardwalk. It then came to me that I had written an article on the boardwalk many years ago. So I would like to dedicate this column to Glenn, who in my humble estimation […]

East End school for wayward girls flourished

In the province of Ontario there was a need for homes for troubled youths’. Some of these were institutions were run by religious organizations, and some by the municipalities and the provincial government. In the East End of the city near the present Victoria Park and Kingston Road area in the period starting around 1880, […]

Booze and gambling – The Beach’s sinful past is revealed

I was doing a historical ‘Jane’s Walk’ on May 8 with the collaboration of our Beach Metro News editor, Carole Stimmell, who did a great job telling the history of O’Sullivan’s Tavern on Kingston Road (which dated from the late 1840s), when one of the ladies on the walk asked me a question about alcohol […]