A look back at a growth experience

If you’ve been reading my articles you’ve probably noted the many reasons why I love the winter. Among other reasons, winter allows anyone interested to take pictures of animals on beautiful snowy backgrounds, to follow animal tracks after a fresh snowfall, and to easily locate waterfowl, as growing lake ice encourages them to group together […]

Tis the season for raptors

How do I love birding? Let me count the ways: birds make me smile, laugh, scream with delight, jump up and down, hit my friend’s arm to get their attention, give high fives, and run around the park like my crazy grandkids. I’m sure there’s more, but I’m usually too busy paying attention to the […]

Frank Bert Butson, 1965-2013

Goodbye, Big Frank. I have always believed in the goodness of people – that everyone has a purpose, no matter how insignificant they may think their lives are. Today, with great sadness, I write about the perfect example of such a person. Frank Bert Butson, known to most as ‘Big Frank’, was born 48 years […]