Vandalism can’t keep student artists’ spirits down

For several months the Grade 8 students at Earl Haig Public School have been communicating with the director of the Bell Box Mural Project, Michael Cavanaugh. The result is the murals on the Bell utility boxes on Hillingdon Avenue. In the first week of June the Grade 8 class and Mr. Cavanaugh came together to […]

Malvern students get art lesson in a can

  On a canvas stapled to a six-foot plywood barricade outside Malvern Collegiate, Mediah, a.k.a. Toronto street artist Evond Blake, “cuts” a thin black line. After 18 years of handling aerosols, Mediah can make spray paint look sharp as brush strokes. Pressing the canvas flat with his free hand, he overlaps the edge of the […]

Students brighten up hallways with graffiti mural

When you hear the word ‘school,’ an image emerges in your imagination.  It’s likely an image of rules and ringing bells, structure and studying.  And when you hear the word ‘art,’ you might conjure art you’ve see at a gallery or adorning the walls of your favourite local coffee hub. What you probably don’t think […]

Skatepark gets legal graffiti murals

Two months ago, graffiti artists Kyle Howard and Max Sawka began working on one of their biggest projects ever. The goal was to paint murals throughout the Ashbridges Skate Park at the corner of Lakeshore Boulevard and Coxwell Avenue. On Dec. 16, they were both recognized for their outstanding work and presented with appreciation letters […]