Engineering students make a splash at Danforth

Teachers, staff, and student council members found themselves under a watery siege at Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute after becoming willing targets in the school’s annual trebuchet contest on June 2. A type of medieval-era catapult, trebuchets can be loaded with different counter-weights to accurately hurl wall-busting weapons or, in Danforth’s case, water balloons, at a given range. Reid […]

Engineer out to change the world at home and abroad

In a tiny room of his old high school, Dr. Rod Tennyson, aerospace engineer, is running an experiment with vinegar and baking soda. Dr. Tennyson has designed protective coatings for spacecraft, and a kind of fiber-optic nerve system for airplane wings. Somewhere at home, he has an award for his part in saving the astronauts […]

Neil McNeil catches a breeze

Whichever way the wind blows, a new wind turbine is spinning fresh ideas at Neil McNeil High School. Painted with a red-winged ‘N,’ the small turbine charges a mobile battery unit inside the school’s technology class. Students can track the turbine’s output, use the battery for back-up power, even charge their phones. “I was hoping […]

Secord students test STEM knowledge

A purse with a solar smart-phone charger. Door-to-door battery pick up. Garden scoops built for super-speedy seeding. Every student at Secord Elementary put a bright idea on the table during the school’s first-ever STEM showcase on Jan. 16. Speaking in a gym full of student projects, teacher Claire Roberts said the idea was to combine […]

No boys allowed at engineering contest

A speedboat race is making waves at Danforth Collegiate by linking the words “girl” and “engineer.” During last month’s Grade 7 skills challenge, girls from eight schools met in a Danforth classroom to design Styrofoam speedboats, fit them with propellers and hand-picked motors, then race them down an eavestrough full of water. “Ladies and gentlemen!” […]