A different kind of duck season

Some people say you can tell winter is coming by the drop in temperature, the snow on the ground, or the Christmas lights going up. I, however, look for the ducks! It’s a good time of year to keep your eyes open for all the different ducks passing through the GTA on their way to […]

Northern Pintail is elegance on the water

As many of my readers know, after work I often go to Bluffers Park to see the swans, ducks, geese, and even the various types of gulls. On one particular day there were 30-plus Trumpeter Swans, a few Mute Swans, and even one special little cygnet (baby swan) I’ve taken to calling Coral. With a […]

Duck spotting at Ashbridges Bay

Warm beautiful sunny days keep drawing me to visit Ashbridges Bay over and over again.  If you choose to follow one of the great paths to walk by the water you will be rewarded and see many wintering ducks swimming close to the shore.  At Ashbridges Bay I have been happy to see Bufflehead Ducks, […]