Here’s your new go-to Sunday meal

In days gone by, a roast chicken dinner was a special treat, perhaps a celebration or a Sunday dinner. Now, with chickens plentiful and relatively inexpensive, a chicken dinner can be prepared simply and reliably because we have top quality, fresh, air-chilled chickens available. This makes roasting dead simple with guaranteed juicy, tender results. Not […]

Keep grilling with new BBQ ideas

Local vegetables are a natural for the barbecue. Make the most of easy grilling during the summer season to simplify your life and enjoy the fresh tastes of “just picked.” Although the following recipes from Foodland Ontario call for specific vegetables, you can vary them with the best of the season to create your own […]

Dinner without a kitchen? No problem

April is the season for revitalization. After 23 years of hard use, my kitchen is being renewed. Sounds great, right? But it means two weeks without access to a kitchen (not to mention the mess in the rest of the house.) I know this is not new to many of you home renovators but it […]

Roast chicken makes twice the meal

Indeed, the chicken is a wondrous bird. Roasted and served hot with oven-baked vegetables and perhaps the ever-popular mashed potatoes, it makes a never-fail hearty dinner, simple enough to serve to a family. Dressed up, it becomes a party piece. However, one of the best aspects of a chicken dinner is leftovers (I like to […]

Best burgers face off for Father’s Day

Sunday, June 15 is the day Dad reigns supreme. Although Dads are often kings in the kitchen too, on their special day a menu with them in mind is always welcome. In our family, a barbecued hamburger well-made and well presented, although humble fare, is still top of the must-have list. Here are some recipes […]

Cold weather comfort foods

Freezing days call for warm comfort and these dishes from Foodland Ontario represent the tastiest, most soothing foods for frigid days. None are difficult to prepare and any leftovers can be carried in a lunch the next day ready to re-heat and put a smile on your face. Country Chicken Casserole The ultimate comfort food, […]