Helena hopes to help kids get better access to cancer treatment

East York resident Sarah Calderwood thought her then three-and-a-half-year-old daughter Helena Kirk had an earache. It turned out to be something much more serious. Helena was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a disease that would put her through 841 gruelling days of chemotherapy. “It was shocking and terrifying to know that our little three year old was going to be […]

Beacher’s tattoo page goes viral

Beach resident Julie Fitzsimmons lost her younger brother Owen to cancer in 2010, and decided to get a tattoo of a dove on her shoulder in his memory. It also sparked in her the idea to create a FaceBook page – Why We Ink – as a place where others who have been touched by […]

Twyla Project still looking for help

In our Nov. 20 issue, Twyla Gendron shared a bit of her story. The Cliffside resident has suffered a number of setbacks over the past few years; shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and before she had completed her treatment, her husband, Larry McCabe, succumbed to late-diagnosed cancer. At that time, a group of […]

Natural sun skin protection

Skin cancer is a growing epidemic As we are into the summer season, many people are wondering how they can protect themselves from the sun naturally. This is in light of the fact that the incidence of skin cancer is increasing every year, as well as the growing concern of the safety of sunscreens used […]