Eye on Business

The Nooks is throwing a monthly flea market in the laneway just north of the Danforth between Woodbine and Woodmount. The pop-up takes place the last Saturday of every month until August – next one June 25 – and runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. More information at www.thenooks.ca. Newly opened Rorschach Brewing Co., […]

Beers for cold weather

Most beer drinkers are not affected by the weather. However, as the temperature plummets, a frosty, light, crisp thirst quencher doesn’t quite cut it. A little more substance is required, so beer lovers tend to cruise more to the heavier, bigger styles with fuller, maltier flavours. These generally contain higher alcohol than warm weather brews […]

Labels: windows on content

It’s a well-known fact that we, as humans, live with our eyes. If we don’t like the way something looks, chances are we won’t involve ourselves with it. This applies to clothes, furniture, art, food and even drink. Many folks buy alcoholic beverages based on what the label looks like, regardless of what’s inside. Aside […]

Flavoured beer a summer treat

Beer season is officially here. Nothing goes down better than a frosty cool one when the weather heats up. Although many die-hard beer fans balk at the concept of flavoured brews, there are just as many who adore them. Fascinating additions to the brewing process add interesting aromatics and flavours to the finished products making […]

Canada thrives at World Beer Awards

The popularity of beer today is astronomical. Virtually every country on the planet produces some. It’s estimated there are over 15,000 breweries worldwide. Created in everything from large, commercial operations to small micro-breweries, there are so many different styles produced that the beer enthusiast would have a hard time exhausting the selection. That’s why beer […]

Temperature the key to enjoying beer

In the last several months I’ve written about beer, the proper glasses to use and matching it to food. In the interim, several readers have contacted me inquiring about proper serving temperatures. Perhaps it’s the warmer weather or simply interest in this amazing beverage that has sparked this, but it’s definitely worth addressing. Contrary to […]

The Doctor prescribes beer

The LCBO will be releasing a number of interesting beers this fall. Check them out: Ayinger Celebrator, 330mL, $3.75, Germany. A rich beer with floral, hoppy, roasted malt notes and a slight smoky nuance in the back end! Complex and harmonious, it is powerful, but won’t overwhelm. Food: BBQ ribs, strong cheeses. Box Steam Funnel […]